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Google Says Don’t Change URLs When Replacing Old Content With New Content

So as to illustrate you made up our minds to update the content on a page to your web space, the content is easy out dated and desires a serious revamp. Whenever you occur to update the content, it doesn’t imply you wish to construct that new content on a new URL, you could maybe maybe furthermore valid update the content on the existing URL. In fact, Google recommends it.

John Mueller stated on Twitter ” I’d valid replace the content on the existing URL.” “Altering URLs adds pointless complexity in most circumstances,” he added.

Whenever you occur to assign occur to construct the content on a new URL and redirect the extinct URL, that is swish – but there is no must assign that.

I kind no longer realize why the webmaster thinks they must make say of a new URL but that is for a assorted seek recordsdata from.

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