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Google Releasing Older Local Reviews For Some Businesses?

There are studies from some native SEOs that Google is pushing out beforehand held studies in Google Maps. Some are seeing dozens, if not over a hundred studies being posted to native industry profiles in Google Maps, some dating help a year or more.

Amy Toman posted about this first on Twitter pronouncing “Went to sleep with 101 GBP studies, awoke with 107. Roam, it be going to be a right day.” She even aged a Lucille Ball GIF, that is mountainous time:

Jason Brown additionally posted about this in the Local Search Forums where others are noticing this as effectively. Right here is what some said in that thread:

I seen this tweet from @Amy Toman and when I looked at her industry profile it looks these weren’t new studies but older studies that had been printed. Basically the most fresh one was as soon as posted 3 days in the past and the oldest one was as soon as posted a year in the past. Amy talked about she purchased an email for one overview that was as soon as posted 10 months in the past but nothing for the other 5. She best seen them when she click on the “haven’t replied,” tab.

I am seeing this on 1 consumer GBP that was as soon as having favorite studies hidden all at as soon as over the past few months. they went from 390+ down to 380 and help to 390 just currently with no intervention from me.

I appropriate seen one more industry scamper from 154 studies to 169 studies. None of them are new.

It looks the email notifications of these studies are just a dinky of delayed. I reveal I even seen some for my industry over the holiday but I function not track my studies too carefully (I know, I should).

Discussion board dialogue at Local Search Forums.