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Google Ranking Update, Mobile First Index Expands, News Meta Keyword Gone & More

This week, we reported about a possible Google algorithm and ranking update in search. Google said they will be expanding their mobile-first index over the next several weeks. Google News stopped support the news meta keyword tag back in October. Google has no current plans to downgrade the rankings of the sites Chrome blocks ads on. Google Search Console beta has a new cool differences feature. Google Search Console may have a reporting bug with the time spent downloading metric. Google said they will port all the old features of Search Console to the new one and then said they won’t. Google’s blocked resources report also had bugs that they fixed. Google has now documented that they changed the request indexing quota over abuse and it is now a daily limit vs a monthly limit. Google is testing showing multiple images in the featured snippets. Google says content order and position do matter. Google says schema and structured data are here for the long tun. Google added mall directory search to the local panel. Google’s Danny Sullivan had to defend the offensive and fake Google search suggestions. Google AdSense has launched auto ads. I posted new changes happening at the blog. We are sad to report Jill Sampey has passed away. We honored Duane Forrester, Jennifer Horowitz, Ashley Berman Hale, Eric Enge and Max Prin this week. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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