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Google: Passage Indexing vs Featured Snippets

So when Google presented Passage Indexing on the Search On 2020 event, there used to be a range of misunderstanding round it. We cleared the monumental one up, i.e. or no longer it’s ranking, no longer indexing. But there is one more one, how is this diverse than featured snippets.

Danny Sullivan of Google used to be asked about this and he said on Twitter that passage indexing is diverse from featured snippets. He said that featured snippets “are already identified the usage of diverse systems than passages.” Budge, first of all, featured snippets were round for years already while passage indexing is soundless no longer reside in Google Search.

Danny also said that featured snippets are aged in suppose search. Does that mean that passaging indexing could no longer be aged in suppose search?

Right here’s what he wrote “Featured snippet are aged for suppose search. They are already identified the usage of diverse systems than passages.”

Some of the important examples and blog posts on the salvage citing it’s miles reside, is nasty. Passage indexing is no longer reside yet. But they conclude describe cowl shots of featured snippets in its attach. We should potentially no longer confuse the 2.

Passage Indexing could launch and peep take care of this:

click for full size

On the different hand it’s miles much less about the way it appears to be to be like in Google Search versus how Google is willing to rank content it used to be no longer ranking beforehand. I invent no longer even know why Google needs to change the peep of the quest results for passage indexing, it’s miles a ranking thing, no longer an indexing or user interface thing.

Featured snippets are ranking associated as properly, they exercise a range of machine studying and BERT (as potentially passage indexing does), up to now we are on the the same page. But featured snippets are answers Google extracts from pages to present searchers instantaneous answers. It’s miles diverse and appears to be to be like and acts diverse within the quest results.

As I described in my Search Engine Land post someday of my Q&A with Google, how does this vary from functions snippets, where Google exhibits a passage of your content as an answer on the head of the Google Search Results. Google said its “systems resolve the relevance of any web account via working out of passages. Featured snippets, on the assorted hand, identifies basically the most associated passage in a account we’ve overall obvious to be associated to the question.”

I wager we can glimpse and learn more because it goes reside but except then, here is how Google described the distinction between passage indexing and featured snippets.

Discussion board dialogue at Twitter.