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Google On Reconsideration Requests Backlogs Or Timing

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Yesterday I reported that it appears to be there’s a backlog or longer wait events to listen to motivate on reconsideration requests associated to manual actions. So I requested John Mueller from Google about that in the day before as we state’s hangout and he did now not appear to substantiate there became as soon as a backlog, exquisite generally how long these reconsideration requests preserve shut.

He defined that infrequently the crew will work on these reconsideration requests in “batches” and per chance neighborhood these batches by the originate of discipline and/or country. So infrequently in keeping with when the individual who’s working on this batch gets to it, it is also rapid or it would possibly per chance probably per chance perhaps preserve shut longer.

But John did now not say outright there’s a backlog that they’re aware of.

I requested John about this on the 3: 09 trace:

Barry: They has been devour diverse chatter about reconsideration requests after manual action is taking longer than usual. Is that correct is? I mean, obviously other folks went away for the holidays but…

John: I fabricate now not learn about longer than usual but infrequently they create out preserve shut somewhat somewhat of time to be reprocessed.

Barry: So there’s no devour backlog that your crew is experiencing, we should hire more other folks to salvage thru these enhance requests?

John: I mean if it takes longer than on the total that is a price of a backlog. But I mean or now not it is now not or now not it is now not the case that we more or less devour artificially lengthen things in regards to reconsideration requests. Typically what exquisite occurs is that the crew works on this in batches and they are going to battle thru devour one space of reconsiderations and then battle thru subsequent space. And reckoning on how they batch things it is also by country or will seemingly be by more or less originate of discipline, these more or less things. So that is something that infrequently occurs and rarely you gaze that just about the backlog or more or less the time that it takes to direction of things. Where a full bunch of things will salvage reprocessed moderately quickly and then it takes a while but again.

Here is the video embed:

Dialogue board discussion at YouTube Community.