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Google No Longer Recommends rel=me Microformats

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Aid in 2011, Google came out with authorship one plot of Google working out which content used to be written in which writer, it doesn’t topic what domain they posted their content on. So while you happen to published at SER, SEL, Medium, and quite a lot of others, it may perhaps well per chance well well perhaps discuss that every these articles all over extra than one sites were written by the the same writer. Google killed authorship in 2014 after which two years later, gutted the relief of it from Google’s aspects or backend.

So the advise of rel=”me”, the Microformats no longer is wise from not not as a lot as a Google search perspective.

John Mueller from Google confirmed this on Twitter asserting he isn’t attentive to how the advise of it may perhaps well per chance well well perhaps be invaluable to Google’s algorithms.

I create omit authorship, I loved seeing a face of who wrote the article in the hunt outcomes interface. However I mediate SEOs abused it, I will be damaging, and Google dropped it.

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