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Google Moves Ved Parameter In Search Results Code

Eagle look Dave Davies spotted that Google has moved the ved parameter that has been within the source code of the Google search results since a minimal of 2013 from the href link a part of the code. It is miles unclear why Google moved it but Google does trade things in general, so I am no longer sure we are going to speculate why it became as soon as changed.

Here is Dave’s cloak shot of what changed:

click for full size

What’s the ved parameter? Kevin Jones explained Whenever you click on any of the links in Google’s search results, the URL (contend with) of the link contains a “ved” parameter. This “ved” code contains facts about the link that you just clicked on, so Google can procure a larger portray of how you utilize their arena. When an particular particular person involves your online page (by Google’s search results), the ved code is (in general) furthermore passed to you – within the referer HTTP header. By decoding it, you would procure extra insights into how guests come to your arena.

John Mueller from Google did acknowledge to the question on the different hand it would not appear he knows why it changed both:

Forum discussion at Twitter.