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Google Mostly Fixed The Recipe Rich Results Bug

Support in April we reported about disorders with recipe rich ends up in Google. This develop into a assert of affairs that recipe sites started to lose their rich results and cards in masses. Smartly, encourage on June 28th, 2+ months after the problem, Google appears to thrill in basically fixed the problem.

Jeff Hawley has been following the problem closely and confirmed for me the day prior to this that the problem is basically resolved now. He said on Twitter “We restful noticed disorders on 6/25, but on 6/28 we noticed the principal principal improvement.”

Here are his tweets after I requested him for an change on this impart:

It’s unclear what the problem develop into, I’m being suggested from these sites that they did not delight in to particularly assign the relaxation to be impacted by this bug or fetch neatly from the bug. Google did chime rapidly encourage that they delight in been investigating it but nothing came about for months.

Now it appears to be resolved.

Forum dialogue at Twitter.