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Google Knows When Domain Names Change Ownership

Aaseesh from the Google Webmaster Traits Analysts team said in a Google Webmaster Aid thread that Google understands when a domain title changes possession. He said while you’re procuring for the domain title to elevate up on their rankings, don’t anguish.

“Google understands when domains exchange possession so it will now not basically rank for the queries it standard to rank pre exchange of possession,” Aaseesh said. He added “so if the sole real motive of procuring for a domain is to salvage search visitors from the archaic domain, I would point out against doing so since there is now not any relieve.”

This a miniature can glide against quite quite a bit of posts we wrote including these:

Aaseesh did add “but while you merely desire the bellow visitors, I build now not watch any problem from Google’s aspect but that you just might perhaps additionally wish to focal point on from a user’s point of view i.e are they getting what they came for?”

Discussion board dialogue at Google Webmaster Aid.