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Google Issues With Indexing & Serving New Content

Google Newspaper Flames

Google is having concerns with indexing and serving new content within Google Search. The concerns started spherical 2 p.m. ET and had been sporadically going down since then. I for my fragment had been seeing new content attain up randomly, but most of my queries enact no longer point to new content.

Google has confirmed the self-discipline at 7:49 pm ET (after we posted our tales) announcing, “There could be an ongoing self-discipline that is delaying the indexing of newly published content. We’re working on figuring out the root cause.”

Google said that is an indexing self-discipline, no longer a serving self-discipline but it no doubt seems to be more serving than indexing to me but I enact no longer work at Google.

I first noticed this self-discipline from Edward Hyatt, Director of Newsroom SEO at the Wall Stree Journal, who posted the self-discipline on Twitter:

Here are examples of plan divulge restricted to point to best content in the past hour and typically this is in a position to point to news articles but in these cases Google is no longer any longer.

If truth be told, the sage I published about this on Search Engine Land 20 minutes in the past is gathered no longer being served by Google Search:

Sel Location Google Tell

And Google Search Console is announcing this text is indexed but Google Search is no longer any longer serving it. So it seems to be fancy a serving and no longer an indexing self-discipline:


Location Tell Ser

Forty five minutes later, this half of content is now showing for me in the Google search results:

Location Ser Later Google

Here are other websites:

Wsj Google Location Tell

Nyt Google Location Tell

Verg Google Location Tell

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, said Google is investigating these sporadic experiences:

With the entire Google updates rolling now, that is no longer any longer good timing for indexing or serving concerns…

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