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Google: Ignore Black Hat Traffic, We Do.

Google’s John Mueller said it is gracious to ignore dim hat traffic, he said it is handsome spam and there is not any must effort about it from an SEO point of view. He said on Reddit that dim hat traffic is handsome spam and you will need to ignore it.

The Reddit post wrote that he got interested this dim hat traffic that he failed to pay for or desire might wretchedness his issue. He wrote:

I rating day-to-day 0.8 sec moderate 1000 traffic from “” to our homepage. It’s shown on search google insights but now not on Google search console “web search clicks” (it is miles gleaming as they should now not from search). There should now not even counted within the WordPress issue stats.

I by no map paid for any traffic on any platform.

Produce you watched this traffic might also be depraved? Is it a procedure for this issue to advertise itself? Should I block it or do not be concerned?

John Mueller of Google spoke back announcing “Ignore it; Google does. Or now not it is handsome spam.”

I do know it could in point of fact maybe maybe even be pertaining to to sight a ton of spammy traffic coming in but there might be surely no must effort that it might perchance impact your Google rankings. Except that ends up being a DDoS attack and takes down your issue but that’s a greater mission to effort about.

Forum dialogue at Reddit.