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Google Home Hub: An SEO perspective

Google began shipping the Google Home Hub, the Google Assistant with a remark, to shoppers last week. After having just a few days to play with the Google Home Hub, I wished to share what variations I stumbled on between the Google Home – express easiest, and the Google Home Hub, with a digital remark.

Speakable markup

It appears the brand new speakable markup for news publishers is no longer supported on the Google Home Hub. Speakable markup lets webmasters add markup to their news reviews where the Google Assistant can read encourage that text when any individual is asking about a news tale. The Google Home works neatly with this but the Google Home Hub appears to soar to YouTube news movies for all news linked queries.

Here is the draw in which it acts on the Google Home:

Now whenever you happen to review the same achieve a matter to on the Google Home Hub, it brings up an unrelated video on YouTube:

Featured snippets

Featured snippets appear to veil up less on the Google Home Hub. The Google Home Hub appears to veil less featured snippets when when in comparison with the Google Home. I modified into as soon as ready to trigger a featured snippet for the question about [what are SEO snippets]:

You win the same result on the Google Home with out a remark, but clearly it doesn’t veil you the text on a remark.

But in many cases, the featured snippets you’d win on a Google Home won’t veil on the Google Home Hub with the remark. Google tries to present you with more YouTube video answers instead.

For instance, a achieve a matter to on the vogue to interchange the oil in your automobile on a Google Home Hub reveals you a YouTube video, but the Google Home (no remark) speaks content from an net role in a featured snippet format:

Details panel answers

The Google Home Hub does veil knowledge panel answers. On Google Home with out a remark, knowledge panel answers are spoken:

Google Solutions

Google answers additionally work in a similar vogue on the Google Home Hub because it does on a Google Home with out a remark. Basically the most well-known variations is that on the Google Home Hub you see the acknowledge and a linked picture, and also you might well tap on the veil to drill in versus the spend of your express to question more questions.

Listed below are some movies displaying it off:

Why it issues

If the Google Home Hub displays snatch off and families achieve them of their kitchens and also you assign one to your desk in your office (they assemble colossal picture frames whenever you happen to utilize Google Photos), then making particular that you might presumably beget featured snippet-obedient content is severe as is having identical answers on YouTube.

About The Author

Barry Schwartz is Search Engine Land’s News Editor and owns RustyBrick, a NY based fully fully web consulting agency. He additionally runs Search Engine Roundtable, a favored search blog on SEM issues.