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Google Handles display:none & visibility:hidden The Same

Some time support, JR Oakes requested Martin Splitt of Google if he can confirm if there could be a distinction between cowl:none and visibility:hidden in terms of Google’s capacity to “glimpse” the content within the container? Martin said he does no longer focus on there could be a distinction. JR Oakes then determined to take a look at it.

Listed below are those fashioned tweets:

What he learned is that there could be rarely any distinction between cowl:none and visibility:hidden. He said “Google quiet finds and indexes both. They’re going to both seem as answer boxes.” He even tested it to cowl it.

JR said he “hid two Q/A pairs, one in visibility:hidden, the quite a lot of cowl:none” and additionally they both looked in Google Search.

Here is a cowl shot:

click for full size

Thanks JR for trying out this.

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