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Google: Googlebot Not Crawling Over HTTP/3 Yet

Google’s John Mueller confirmed that Googlebot will not be any longer yet crawling over HTTP/3 yet. He said if you happen to attain put in force HTTP/3 for your location, it doesn’t point out it’ll no longer income your users and thus probably your core web vitals metrics. But Googlebot will no longer lumber over it yet.

This came up on Twitter where Michael Kohlfürst requested John Müeller (no longer certain I did that appropriate…) if Google is crawling over HTTP/3. The fact is, Google exact started crawling over HTTP/2 (in case your location helps it) November 2020 and then in Could 2021 said over half of crawling is now carried out over HTTP/2. So it is a bit early for HTTP/3 crawling, probably?

HTTP/3 is the third and upcoming important version of the Hypertext Switch Protocol ancient to alternate data on the World Broad Net, alongside HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2. HTTP/3 runs over QUIC, which is published as RFC 9000. As of December 2021, the HTTP/3 protocol is level-headed officially an Net Draft, but is already supported by 73% of working web browsers, and in maintaining with W3Techs 24% of the discontinuance 10 million web sites. It has been supported by Google Chrome (including Chrome for Android, and Microsoft Edge, which is in accordance with it) since April 2020 and by Mozilla Firefox since Could 2021. Safari 14 (on macOS Astronomical Sur and iOS 14) has also implemented the protocol but enhance is hidden within the back of a feature flag.

Listed below are these tweets:

So certain, if users work collectively alongside with your location in a more quick and responsive formulation, that could just manufacture your users happier and likewise could just affect your CrUX data.

Forum discussion at Twitter.