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Google Discover Traffic Drop On August 10th

Since August 10th or so, there used to be a vary of publishers complaining that the web site online visitors Google sends them by intention of Google Watch has dropped off the cliff. The complaints have not subsided yet and some if truth be told feel it has to attain with the Google Search glitch on August 10th. Google did say they’re investigating it but we’ve no longer hear help from them on the topic yet.

It’s unclear what’s the motive or if here’s a worm or no longer. But selection of publishers are complaining that their Google Watch based fully web content online visitors has literally went from quantity of web content online visitors to zero web content online visitors on August 10th. It has been over a month and there is no longer one of these thing with out any consideration enchancment yet.

There are threads at WebmasterWorld and several other at Google Webmaster Support forums and even posts on Twitter. I do know Google’s John Mueller used to be asked about this several instances in his hangouts and he said the group is investigating it. But he has no news to share yet, I judge.

Here is some of what folks shared publicly on this topic.

I’m no longer distinct if here’s affecting a limited selection of publishers who’re if truth be told loud or if it’s a noteworthy elevated problem. I suspect it’s no longer a big problem but I’m no longer distinct.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google Webmaster Support.