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Google Assistant Now Tells You Shabbat Times

Google Robot Shabbat Candles

In 2022, Google brought encourage the Shabbat times to the one box or answer boxes in search. Honest not too long within the past, within the previous month or so, Google also enabled Google Assistant to let you know when Shabbat begins and ends in a plan.

So when you happen to query the Google Assistant, “What time is Shabbat in [location] at [time],” Google will acknowledge. Here is a video I made of it in circulate:

Support in 2011 Google first launched prayer time rich outcomes but then a year later Google sunset prayer time outcomes. Then in 2018, Google relaunched native prayer times for Islamic prayer times. Then in 2022, Google has launched partial prayer times for Judaism – to content Jews when Shabbat (Shabbos) begins, ends and what the weekly Torah share is. And now, at the discontinue of 2023, Google Assistant now supports this selection.

For many who peer for[[what time is shabbat]- Google will level to you its native constructed shabbat times widget at the tip of the search outcomes for cell and desktop.

Here is a screenshot:

Google Search Shabbat Times Mobile

It also works in SGE but that would not seem devour a structured layout:

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