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Google announces new validations for ad account names

Legend names with URL’s will no longer be approved.

on April 24, 2023 at 11: 38 am | Reading time: 1 minute

Starting in June 2023, new Google Ads accounts will no longer be ready to consist of a URL of their fable names.

What’s modified. Particularly, when making a new Google Ads fable thru the Google Ads API or updating an fresh one, if a URL is came upon in the descriptive_name field, an ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED error will doubtless be generated, inflicting the operation to fail. This transformation, on the opposite hand, is rarely any longer going to affect the descriptive_name field of fresh accounts.

Dig deeper. You’ll doubtless be able to be ready to be taught more relating to the change on the Google Ads Developer Blog.

Why we care. Adhering to new naming conventions is well-known to declaring a seamless ad abilities. By adhering to the new principles, advertisers can steer certain of encountering errors when creating or updating their accounts, thus ensuring a soft fable setup route of, combating doubtless delays in launching campaigns, and fostering a more organized and consistent naming convention all around the platform.

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