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Google Ads API Version 8.0 Now Available

Google has released version 8.0 of the Google Adverts API that involves a ton of new functions including spoiled-yarn bidding programs, trace retrieval, CallAdInfo reinforce, cart files reinforce for conversions, desirable campaign reinforce and heaps more.

Version 7.0 of the Google Adverts API modified into released on April 28, 2021, handiest 6 weeks in the past. Google even released a spotlight video of what is new in version 8 of the Google Adverts API:

Here is every thing new in version 8.0:

Narrative Management

  • Added CustomerClient.applied_labels to gift the labels utilized to possibilities managed by the inquiring for manager customer.


  • CallOnlyAdInfo is modified with CallAdInfo.


  • Suppose response_content_type to MUTABLE_RESOURCE as a save a query to parameter to reach support the overall fields mutated in a mutate save a query to for CustomerAssetService, CampaignAssetService and AdGroupAssetService.
  • Added reinforce for the next metrics for CustomerAsset, CampaignAsset and AdGroupAsset: absolute_top_impression_percentage, all_conversions, all_conversions_from_interactions_rate, all_conversions_value, average_cost, average_cpc, average_cpe, average_cpm, average_cpv, clicks, conversions, conversions_from_interactions_rate, conversions_value, cost_micros, cost_per_all_conversions, cost_per_conversion, cross_device_conversions, ctr, engagement_rate, engagements, interactions, interaction_event_types, interaction_rate, impressions, top_impression_percentage, value_per_all_conversions, value_per_conversion, video_view_rate, video_views
  • Added segments.asset_interaction_target for CustomerAsset, CampaignAsset and AdGroupAsset to point out off if the interactions are on the asset itself.
  • Added AssetFieldTypeViewService to enhance retrieving metrics for every asset field form when the asset is feeble as extension.
  • Up to this point the next values of LeadFormFieldUserInputType: Changed GIVEN_NAME with FIRST_NAME and Changed FAMILY_NAME with LAST_NAME.
  • Asset-primarily based totally extensions: SitelinkAsset, CalloutAsset, StructuredSnippetAsset, that had been available for take a look at accounts in v7, could be enabled for production accounts two weeks after this launch.


  • Added TransactionAttribute.item_attribute to enhance companion files about a offered merchandise with a transaction.
  • Added the next fields to UserAttribute: last_purchase_date_time, average_purchase_count, average_purchase_value_micros, acquisition_date_time


  • Up to this point Maximize_conversion_value.target_roas to enhance an optionally available Target ROAS setting on the Maximize Conversion Price portfolio and unusual bidding programs for Search campaigns. This field will change into mutable for all possibilities at a future date. We can post a notification on the Google Adverts Developer blog when developers can replace this field.
  • Up to this point Maximize_conversions.target_cpa to enhance an optionally available Target CPA setting on the Maximize Conversions portfolio and unusual bidding programs for Search campaigns. This field will change into mutable for all possibilities at a future date. We can post a notification on the Google Adverts Developer blog when developers can replace this field.
  • Added reinforce for [creating and managing cross-account bidding strategies]/google-adverts/api/scientific doctors/campaigns/bidding/spoiled-yarn-programs) in manager accounts, and the power to connect them to campaigns in customer accounts:
    • Added BiddingStrategy.currency_code for bidding programs in manager possibilities, which could be space on introduction and defaults to the manager customer’s currency. For serving possibilities, this field can not be space; all programs in a serving customer implicitly use the serving customer’s currency. In all circumstances the effective_currency_code field returns the currency feeble by the strategy.
    • Added AccessibleBiddingStrategy to picture a behold of all BiddingStrategies owned by and shared with the consumer.
    • Added AccessibleBiddingStrategyService to read accessible bidding programs.
    • Added Marketing campaign.accessible_bidding_strategy for retrieving the fields of the portfolio bidding strategy identified by bidding_strategy.When a campaign makes use of a spoiled-yarn bidding strategy, this could be a subset of the properties in most cases outlined for a bidding strategy, since obvious properties are handiest accessible by a bidding strategy’s proprietor.


    Changed CampaignError.PAYMENT_MODE_NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_VIEW_THROUGH_CONVERSION with CampaignError.NOT_COMPATIBLE_WITH_VIEW_THROUGH_CONVERSION_OPTIMIZATION. Experiences incompatibilities with behold via conversions setup.
  • Added reinforce for Orderly campaigns:
    • Added new enum values to enhance Orderly campaigns: BudgetTypeEnum.SMART_CAMPAIGN AdGroupTypeEnum.SMART_CAMPAIGN_ADS and Added SmartCampaignSetting and SmartCampaignSettingService to configure Orderly campaigns.
    • Added KeywordThemeConstantService and SmartCampaignSuggestService to retrieve strategies for Orderly campaign budgets and keyword subject issues.
    • Added smart_campaign_search_term_view to retrieve performance metrics for Orderly campaigns.


  • Added ClickConversion.cart_data to enhance importing conversions with purchasing cart files.


  • Added DetailedDemographicService to retrieve UserInterest with DetailedDemographic as the TaxonomyType.




  • Added reinforce for the next fields for Customer and Marketing campaign resources. segments.recommendation_type, metrics.optimization_score_url and metrics.optimization_score_uplift

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