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Google Ads API Version 7.0 Now Available

Google has launched version 7.0 of the Google Adverts API. This would possibly be a jump from version 6.1.0 which change into as soon as launched on April 10, 2021. To make exercise of the v7 aspects, it’s likely you’ll perhaps well prefer to upgrade your client libraries and client code, Google said.

Google said these are the highlights of version 7.0 of the Google Adverts API but which that you would possibly perhaps check out the elephantine list of changes over here:

  • We own got new resources that are readily accessible in test accounts:
    • Callout resources
    • Structured snippet resources
    • Sitelinks resources
  • The promotion resources we’ve added are readily accessible in production and test accounts.
  • The Google Adverts API now supports reporting for Apple’s SKAdNetwork. This option permits advertisers to impeach what number of SKAdNetwork conversions they receive from their iOS apps to boot to the SKAdNetwork conversion charge of these conversions.
  • Key phrase Planning now supports:
    • Refining keywords using annotation recordsdata
    • Selecting a personalized date differ for search quantity
    • Soliciting for combination metrics for generated keyword solutions and for keywords in a keyword plan
  • We’ve added ad_group_ad_label and ad_group_criterion_label labels for less complicated filtering and option.
  • Which you’ll now deal with bidding strategy and campaign simulations.
  • We up up to now our helpful resource exceeded errors to encompass more detail corresponding to what form of limit change into as soon as exceeded and the procedure in which many resources are allowed by that limit.
  • Which you’ll now exercise marginal ROI campaign funds recommendations. This recommendation suggests adjusting a campaign’s funds if we predict that its ROI will lunge up.

The Google Adverts API, which change into as soon as an upgrade from the Google AdWords API, change into as soon as entirely launched in September 2020 after having earlier bugs that prompted the application to be reverted months earlier.

Model 7.0 wishes to be stable but when you’d grab to wait on and take a look at, which that you would possibly perhaps always enact that.

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