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Give Out These Fake Prank Numbers to Creeps

You’re out on the city alongside with your mates when some stranger takes a dialog from casual to creepy, then asks to your cell phone number. Give them one in every of these and accumulate away.

Not too prolonged within the past, Twitter person @tricookingqueen went viral with a tweet stuffed with false cell phone numbers helpful out to creeps. A huge concept, but unfortunately, many of the numbers within the tweet are now defunct, together with the hilarious “I am Groot” hotline. Nonetheless that bought me thinking, there’s bought to be some false numbers obtainable that aloof acquire work. After doing some digging, here’s what I stumbled on:

  • (646) 926-6614: The Mary Sue Rejection Hotline, which is in a feature to disclose, “Oh hiya there. Can must you’re hearing this message, you’ve made a girl in fact feel unsafe and/or disrespected. Please learn to grab no for an acknowledge and respect females’s emotional and bodily autonomy. K THANKKS.” Higher of all, it’ll send texts as smartly, and waits an hour to send the text as soon because it’s bought one so you have time to soar.
  • (719) 266-2837: Name and Oates, which lets callers personal a conventional Hall and Oates song to play.
  • (605) 475-6968: The Rejection Hotline, which civilly explains to the person who whoever gave them this number is now not into them.
  • (888) 447-5594: An easter egg hotline for ending the first God of Battle. “By the gods, you’ve completed it!”
  • (206) 569-5829: The Loser Line, a Seattle radio place cell phone number that rejected people can call and leave a message. These recorded messages will incessantly air within the midst of the place’s morning point to.
  • (630) 296-7536: Boothworld Industries, a cell phone number for a creepy augmented truth recreation created by apprehension writer Cristopher Bloodworth.

Now, while these false numbers aloof work, there are some issues to have in thoughts even as you happen to utilize them. For one, these form of numbers best work when any person in fact calls them. Can must you hand out your number, it is seemingly you’ll are attempting to disclose one thing about the formulation you’re outdated college and that they would possibly perchance possibly possibly aloof call you in design of text, or reveal that you just hate texting.

Additionally, these are more best for when a hump asks to your number on-line. Can must you’re giving out the false number in person, create determined to make utilize of it as an scamper plan, now not a pudgy proof deterrent. Give out the number and leave, otherwise they would possibly perchance possibly possibly try to call or text you straight away so “you have their number too” and so that they’ll accumulate wise to your trick. If there’s one factor that’s worse than a hump, it’s an indignant hump.

Can must you want a genuine deterrent, have in thoughts using the Burner app. That you just can give out a false burner number that you just would possibly perchance possibly even delete everytime you adore, and within the occasion that they fight to call or text you straight away, this would possibly perchance in fact point to up for your cell phone. They’ll leave you by myself, and you would possibly perchance possibly even lag skills the relaxation of your night incandescent you would possibly perchance possibly even delete that false number everytime you want. Possess your have inventive solution to present out false digits? Allow us to know within the comments below.