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Find the Exact Video Moment You’re Looking For With the Hulu App’s New Scrubber Feature 

Most online video players feature some form of scrubber (the bar on the bottom that allows you to skip round in whatever you’re staring at), nonetheless for parents that’re on a smartphone, if truth be told making an are trying to make utilize of that tool to acquire the actual accurate space is mostly extra of a effort than it’s fee. Many of the time, you’re higher off accurate rewatching the first half of your authorized account for in put of making an are trying to retract up precisely where you left off.

Happily for somebody who’s sick of rewatching the identical scenes or coping with an unruly scrubber, Hulu has near up with a brand new interface (seen by System Hacks) that’s loads simpler to make utilize of. So now you doubtlessly can stay wasting time and jump to the actual accurate 2nd in whatever video you’re making an are trying to look in your mobile phone.

The utilization of Hulu’s new scrubber is easy. First, be sure that you’re utilizing basically the most up-to-the-minute version of the app by checking your respective app store. Then, boot up a video and press down wherever on the visual show unit that doesn’t already acquire a button. After a pair of seconds, the brand new scrubber must smooth pop up—for parents that’re utilizing an iPhone 7 or more contemporary you’ll additionally acquire some haptic feedback to substantiate it’s working.

Hulu blocks its videos from exhibiting up in screenshots (doubtlessly for copyright causes), nonetheless here’s what the brand new scrubbing tool seems esteem in motion.
Screenshot: Jacob Kleinman

From here, aid your finger on the visual show unit and simply hump left or accurate to skip backwards or forwards. The particular timestamp will show in a diminutive gray box accurate above your finger. Even higher, you’ll additionally acquire a visible preview of what’s occurring onscreen, making it correctly-organized easy to acquire the 2nd you’re looking for.

While you let fling, Hulu will decide a 2nd to reload the video. In case you’re now now not paying for the ad-free version, it’s probably you’ll perchance additionally acquire to suffer through commercials, reckoning on how some distance you skip ahead, nonetheless that’s a diminutive label to pay for now now not having to rewatch the first half of that episode you started last evening sooner than falling asleep in front of your TV.