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Elon Musk Says Falcon 9 Second Stage Recovery Requires ‘Giant Party Balloon’

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This myth before everything regarded on PCMag

Launching anything into design is a in point of fact pricey enterprise. SpaceX is reducing that trace by determining how to reuse parts of its Falcon 9 rocket. We've already viewed the first-stage return to Earth and land, but now Elon Musk wants to acquire the 2nd stage attend, too.

The main stage of the Falcon 9 rocket consists of nine sea level tailored Merlin engines, where as the 2nd stage fully makes exhaust of one vacuum tailored Merlin engine for start of the payload to a desired orbit. It's mighty extra hard to enhance the 2nd stage attributable to the warmth shield, landing engines and other instruments required to fabricate it. The extra mass used to be correct too extensive to even preserve terminate into consideration making an are attempting it. On the opposite hand, there's now a brand new plan on the table, which Elon Musk shared with the arena through Twitter.

That's appropriate. Put out of your mind the extra mass for a warmth shield and engines, correct exhaust a gigantic balloon to slowly fall the 2nd stage attend appropriate down to Earth!

Controlling where the rocket would fall within the ocean would be handled with retro burns and SpaceX would deploy a “catcher ship” to the gap in advise to retrieve the rocket swiftly.

Musk admits it sounds a bit loopy, but so did landing a rocket, let on my own two in ideally pleasant sync, and we now all count on that to happen with each and each SpaceX commence. So, you finally can't bet in opposition to SpaceX focusing in on the field and extending a balloon that will diagram 2nd stage recovery imaginable.