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Don’t Spend Your Money on a Fancy Standing Desk

After we last rounded up our workers’s Weekly Upgrades, our editors were coming into into new residences, working outdoors, attempting new finance, and bettering our maintain emergency preparedness.

This week, we’re whitening our enamel, managing stress, making time to search new company, and inventing our maintain furniture DIYs.

What upgrades did you maintain this week? Allow us to perceive within the comments.

Accomplish a DIY standing desk

I’ve had an IKEA RAST nightstand kicking spherical the condo for a whereas. It was marvelously low-designate (underneath $15 I suspect) and has been repurposed in many suggestions through the years. Not too prolonged ago, I plopped it on top of my desk. Now I in fact have confidence the honorable top standing desk! It takes up so tiny room that I quiet have confidence a quandary subsequent to it to place my pc when I choose to sit down down.

beth skwarecki, health editor

Add some new discovering out field cloth to your rotation

I am for the time being discovering out “The Pisces” by Melissa Broder, which is dazzling as correct as all americans is announcing it’s, if no longer a tiny bit * too * actual (minus the Merman, of direction).

alicia adamczyk, workers writer

End your self from spiraling out in times of stress

I’m drawing reach tech week for a theater trace I’m in, so I’m no longer so distinguished “upgrading” my existence as I am attempting to defend identical old levels of sleep, meals, and friendliness. To this level, I in fact have confidence fully managed to full in fact one of those three targets, but I sit down up for getting a tiny “leisure and leisure” this weekend. And perhaps pizza. Positively pizza.

david murphy, senior tech editor

Change your dirty bathe curtain liner already

I modified my bathe curtain liner and my bathe is a distinguished more stress-free residing now. It was $three at IKEA.

claire lower, meals & beverage editor

Arrange your dang documents

I got a file organizer. Now no longer will my desk be a extensive selection of papers! Nothing can stop me now!

patrick allan, workers writers

Utilize your warm climate weekends on the pool

We got a family membership to a neighborhood indoor pool and have confidence in general been living there on weekday evenings. It’s in fact one of the excellent lazy-mother or father choices I’ve made. My kid can acquire all her extra vitality out and I will acquire a tiny exercise, too. We’ll indulge in a picnic dinner there with paper plates, after which bathe, acquire into pajamas and head home. Now and then, my kid could also pass out within the vehicle. Complete interact.

michelle woo, parenting editor

Easy your soap with MORE soap

I cleaned my bathe of soap scum, after listening to the professional-physique wash elite bitch how bar soap leaves soap scum on bathe partitions. Appears to be like it comes off desirable with out hassle with customary mature dish soap. Didn’t designate me one thing else, fully took about three minutes. I will quiet no longer exercise physique wash.

joel kahn, sr. video producer

Accomplish time to your internet company IRL

I got drinks again with a reader I met for the length of my “Purchase My Brain” month. At any time when, we find yourself talking about the negate of tech and whether or no longer the future is going to be garbage. He got a job in San Mateo, so we’re getting one last drinks subsequent week earlier than he strikes. Now I’ll have confidence a brand new geek friend in Silicon Valley!

cut douglas, workers writer

Whiten your enamel with out overpriced strips

This week I hopped on the bandwagon (or what appears to be a bandwagon in response to my Instagram feed?) and tried whitening my enamel with activated charcoal. The implications weren’t fabulous, but they were correct passable that I’ll prefer doing it. Plus, it’s more cost effective than Crest WhiteStrips and far less painful, so I depend it as a interact.

virginia k. smith, managing editor