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Does Cambridge Analytica have your info? Here’s how to check

As Fb CEO Tag Zuckerberg heads to Washington, D.C., to testify earlier than Congress about Cambridge Analytica exploiting user records, the place of residing is now making it easy for users to search around if their recordsdata used to be shared with the analytics firm.

The feature is listed in the company’s succor center. Doing a stare for “Cambridge” or “Cambridge Analytica” on the succor center search bar will inform the next page: “How can I inform if my info used to be shared with Cambridge Analytica?

When you happen to’re logged into your Fb yarn, the page will automatically enable you to know if your records used to be given to Cambridge Analytics via the “That is your digital life” app.

Since suspending Cambridge Analytica for exploiting user records, Fb been on constant crisis-management for its negligent management of user recordsdata.

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