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DNS-Hijacking Malware Targeting iOS, Android and Desktop Users Worldwide


Frequent routers’ DNS hijacking malware that lately found focusing on Android gadgets has now been upgraded its capabilities to purpose iOS gadgets as effectively as desktop users.

Dubbed Roaming Mantis, the malware was at the starting put found hijacking Web routers closing month to distribute Android banking malware designed to put off users’ login credentials and the key code for two-factor authentication.

Consistent with security researchers at Kaspersky Labs, the prison group late the Roaming Mantis marketing campaign has broadened their targets by including phishing attacks for iOS gadgets, and cryptocurrency mining script for PC users.

Moreover, while the initial attacks had been designed to purpose users from South East Asia–including South Korea, China Bangladesh, and Japan–the new marketing campaign now toughen 27 languages to broaden its operations to contaminate americans at some stage in Europe and the Center East.

How the Roaming Mantis Malware Works

Equal to the outdated version, the new Roaming Mantis malware is distributed through DNS hijacking, wherein attackers exchange the DNS settings of the wi-fi routers to redirect site visitors to malicious net sites managed by them.

So, every time users try to entry any online page through a compromised router, they are redirected to rogue net sites, which serves:

  • false apps contaminated with banking malware to Android users,
  • phishing net sites to iOS users,
  • Sites with cryptocurrency mining script to desktop users

“After the [Android] person is redirected to the malicious exclaim, they are precipitated to interchange the browser [app]. That ends in the download of a malicious app named chrome.apk (there was one more version as effectively, named facebook.apk),” researchers exclaim.

To evade detection, false net sites generate new programs in staunch time with bizarre malicious apk recordsdata for download, and additionally situation filename as eight random numbers.

As soon as set in, the attackers can adjust contaminated Android gadgets the usage of 19 built-in backdoor instructions, including–sendSms, setWifi, gcont, lock, onRecordAction, name, get_apps, ping and more.

If the victims hang an iOS instrument, the malware redirects users to a phishing exclaim that mimics the Apple online page, claiming to be ‘,’ and asks them to enter their person ID, password, card number, card expiration date and CVV number.


Apart from stealing aloof records from Android and iOS gadgets, researchers found that Roaming Mantis injects a browser-primarily primarily primarily based cryptocurrency mining script from CoinHive on each landing page if visited the usage of desktop browsers to mine Monero.

Keeping in mind these new capabilities and the hastily increase of the promoting campaign, researchers judge that “those late it have an exact financial motivation and are potentially effectively-funded.”

Right here is How to Defend Your self from Roaming Mantis

In repeat to guard your self from such malware, you are told to be distinct your router is operating the most long-established version of the firmware and derive with an exact password.

Since the hacking marketing campaign is the usage of attacker-managed DNS servers to spoof professional domains and redirect users to malicious download recordsdata, you are told to form distinct the net sites you are visiting has HTTPS enabled.

You would possibly want to quiet additionally disable your router’s some distance-off administration feature and hardcode a trusted DNS server into the working procedure network settings.

Android instrument users are continuously told to set up apps from superior retail outlets, and disable the set up of apps from unknown sources on their smartphone by heading on to Settings → Security → Unknown sources.

To study if your Wi-Fi router is already compromised, overview your DNS settings and check the DNS server address. If it would now not match the one issued by your supplier, exchange it motivate to the shapely one. Also exchange your complete chronicle passwords without prolong.