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Did Google Remove The Maps Review-Gating Policy?

Chris Silver Smith seen how Google has updated its Google Maps contributed content policy and eradicated a line that prohibited evaluate-gating. The street that used to be eradicated used to be “don’t discourage or restrict damaging opinions or selectively solicit particular opinions from customers.”

Chris posted on Twitter announcing “It appears to be like Google has eradicated its policy that namely banned evaluate-gating. Compare the Dec ’21 copy of the policy (appropriate) with most up-to-date (left).” Here share this screenshot of the insurance policies:

Mike Blumenthal did label that some insurance policies had been moved, but this used to be disregarded:

So I asked Google about this and Google explained the unfounded engagement policy does write “Contributions to Google Maps should ponder a apt journey at a snarl or industry. False engagement is now not allowed and would possibly be eradicated.”

The policy notes that this involves:

  • Paying, incentivizing or encouraging the posting of content that would not characterize a apt journey.
  • Content that is now not per a real journey and would not precisely characterize the placement or product in question.
  • Content that has been incentivized by a industry in commerce for reductions, free goods and/or services.
  • Content that has been posted by a competitor to undermine a industry or product’s recognition.
  • Content that has been posted from numerous accounts to govern a snarl’s rating.

Discussion board dialogue at Twitter.