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Daily Search Forum Recap: March 13, 2021

Here is a recap of what came about within the search boards this day, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and various search boards on the rep.

Search Engine Roundtable Reports:

  • Featured Snippets Abet To Long-established Phases In Google Search
    On February 19th or so, Google vastly dropped the different of cases featured snippets would indicate up within the Google Search results. Properly, as of Friday morning, March 12th, it looks love the proportion of time Google reveals featured snippets within the outcomes are serve to accepted.
  • Ballot: 60% Of SEOs Say SEO Is More troublesome Than 5 Years Previously
    Aleyda Solis posted a balloton Twitter asking SEOs if SEO “simpler, more subtle or as subtle as 5 years within the past to make results/dreams within the SEO processes you’re employed on?” Over 1,000 results got here in and 60% of SEOs say it’s more troublesome now to make SEO than it change into as soon as 5 years within the past.
  • Google: Words In A URL A Very Mild Weight Factor But Less After Indexing
    Google’s John Mueller said all over all but again that Google does exercise the words within the URL as a ranking factor. But John explained that here’s a “very very lightweight factor.” John added that it becomes even much less of a part as soon as the content is indexed.
  • Google: Pickle/Picture Of rel Attribute Does No longer Matter
    Does it matter whilst you happen to position the rel attribute to your HTML link forward of the link or after it? The answer isn’t any. You may also put the attribute to your HTML link where you desire. Google will possess it up both blueprint.
  • Microsoft Advertising Static Headlines For Dynamic Search Commercials Obtainable
    Microsoft launched that now you can exercise static headlines within your Microsoft Advertising Dynamic Search Commercials (DSAs). Static headlines are a further column you can add to your Dynamic Search Commercials page feed. This helps you to specify the teach ad title you will need to indicate up for a particular URL you’ve got to your page feed.
  • Vlog #111: Alex Genadinik On How To Commence A Trade At some level of COVID-19
    In piece one, Alex Genadinik of Problemio and I spoke about why it’s a should-opt to focal level on niches for SEO. In piece two here we discuss what you can make to blueprint money online within the route of COVID-19…
  • Google Note Double Masks
    Google on Friday posted a brand new Google impress, neat G impress, on its Twitter myth of the logo double covering. Google serve in June 2020 added a cloak to that identical impress as smartly. But now it’s promoting make

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Other Gargantuan Search Reports:


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