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Daily Search Forum Recap: August 13, 2021

Here is a recap of what occurred within the search forums this day, thru the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the procure.

Google released new podcast feed requirements for search and Google podcast discovery. Google said keen links round your page could not aid with rankings. Google AdSense launched new tubby cover inline ads. Google My Enterprise would not be pleased diversified review insurance policies for diversified kinds of companies. Microsoft Bing is checking out orange colored links in search. Received a factor on Yoda and I posted the weekly video recap. Occupy an unparalleled and good weekend all!

Search Engine Roundtable Tales:

  • Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google Ranking Update, Pages Losing In & Out, Gigantic Publishers Attend & Writer URLs and Rankings
    This previous weekend we had yet another unconfirmed change round August sixth. Google will likely be having an indexing trojan horse for the previous month or so where pages are throwing within the towel and in of the index…
  • Google Podcasting Requirements Updated: Present Stage Ingredient Required
    Google has posted a doc about upcoming modifications to the Google podcasting requirements coming by September 21, 2021. All podcast RSS feeds must now encompass more minute print on the advise level to be eligible to look in Google Search and Podcasts ideas.
  • Google: Bright Links Around On A Page Received’t Boost Your Search Rankings
    John Mueller of Google said that by honest keen a link from one self-discipline on a page to another self-discipline on a page – you likely could not gaze any ranking enhance from that motion. He said on Twitter “I’d no longer capture that you just will procure a enhance out of honest keen links from one piece of the page to another piece even supposing.”
  • New Google AdSense Chunky-Display cover Inline Adverts
    Google launched a new advert layout for the Google AdSense advert items named tubby-cover inline ads. Chunky-cover inline ads are tubby-cover banner ads that seem inline with your content as a person scrolls the page.
  • Google My Enterprise Evaluations Insurance policies Don’t Fluctuate Essentially based On Form Of Enterprise
    Google has confirmed that it did no longer plan modifications to its Google My Enterprise reports insurance policies despite the SEC rule switch. Google informed Colan Nielsen, “the insurance policies at brand utilized to Google Evaluations enact no longer vary for diversified industry varieties or categories. We enact no longer be pleased special enforcement, requirements or functionality for monetary advisors for the time being.”
  • Bing Testing Orange Colored Link Overlays
    Microsoft Bing is checking out a miniature more color in its Bing Search outcomes interface. As soon as you mouse over a hyperlink, Bing could color that link orange rather than merely preserving it blue after which underlining the link.
  • Yoda At Google Zurich
    Here is a photograph from a few years within the past, actually 2017, of Yoda being Yoda on the Google Zurich location of job. Now we be pleased considered him additionally within the Dublin location of job, but right here he’s in Zurich. This changed into shared on Instagram

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