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Can JavaScript override a nofollow meta tag?

Notify you destroy up in a snort the place you wish Google to index distinct pages, but you are required to spend a template that uses the “nofollow” robots.txt meta tag. Are you able to consume JavaScript to determine on the tag when the page is totally rendered so that Google will index it?

This question turn into as soon as honest honest recently posted within the TechSEO subreddit. John Mueller, Google Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, responded that Google will spend the most restrictive setting you possible can accumulate got on the page, in spite of the design it’s incorporated.

Utilizing the “noindex” tag is genuine about the most restrictive condition you possible can apply to a page — you are in point of fact telling Google to ignore the page. If a page has a “noindex” in static HTML, and JavaScript is feeble to determine on it when the page is rendered, Google will restful investigate cross-check the “noindex” and be conscious the question.

“Noindex” overrides other robots.txt meta tags as successfully. For instance, whenever you happen to can accumulate got a “noindex” + “index”, then the “noindex” will override the “index.” Furthermore, if a page doesn’t even accumulate any meta tags, and for some reason you consume JavaScript to add a “noindex” tag, Google will honor the “noindex” question.

The backside line: JavaScript can even be a genuinely extremely efficient workaround for a huge selection of boundaries or necessities, but within the case of “noindex” it merely won’t work to cancel out the impact of a noindex meta tag embedded in a template.

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