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Browse the Web One-Handed With Opera’s New ‘One Touch’ Android Browser

Image: Pexels

Opera launched a new web browser this week that makes it less complicated to browse the web in your cell phone using one hand.

In most cases, most cell web browsers protect their controls at the conclude of the camouflage, which is huge moreover meaning that if you capture to favor to build one thing fancy replace tabs you’re potentially going to favor to say bigger than one hand to earn that occur.

One Contact is particularly designed for one-handed say and affords speedily earn entry to to websites you use veritably.

Within the event you’re on a online page online, a button with three lines presentations up at the underside of the camouflage. Tap on that, and this can also just commence up your top websites for straightforward navigation in different locations and give you the option of performing a explain search. It’s not an earth-shattering plan replace for obvious, nonetheless after using it for about a days I’ve found it without a doubt makes the web taking a look skills mosey a little bit extra smoothly.

The app also affords a new characteristic called Drift, where you need to perchance well ship a online page online you’re viewing on cell to your desktop. It’s without a doubt linked to what’s already readily available in competing browsers and is one thing you’re potentially a little bit not going to say if you’re not already an Opera browser user in your desktop.

The brand new One Contact model of Opera is readily available now for Android. An iOS model is the works.