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Bing Chat Now Supports Visual Search

Photographer In Blue Bing

A month prior to now we saw Bing Chat testing visible search. Neatly, now it’s available for all who should snap a photograph or add an image to Bing Chat. Bing announced, “Visual Search in Chat lets anybody add photos and search the fetch for connected content. Rob an image, or expend one you gain in totally different places, and urged Bing to let you know about it—Bing can realize the context of an image, define it, and answer questions about it.”

Here’s a GIF of it in hump:

Visual Search Bing Chat Desktop

Here is the map in which it seems on cell search:

True closing week, Google Bard added Google Lens, which is similar, if now not the an identical, as this.

Bing Chat also rolled out multimodal/Portray working out in each net page, that could be section of this:

And does this expend Bing reverse image search:

Here’s a nice add for any search engine, including these AI assistants.

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