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Beware: Google Business Profile Messaging Spam & Scam Attempts

There are rip-off and unsolicited mail makes an try being performed thru the Google Industry Profile messaging platform. Here’s a tactic of somebody taking a peek to hire you for a service but they quiz when you happen to take care of credit card or diversified online payments. The trick is, they then quiz you to front them the money and pay you by potential of credit card, which clearly fails.

I ranking these scams randomly by potential of email but now they’re coming thru Google Industry Profile messaging. I’m no longer the most productive one who received one, there is a identical message in the Google Industry Abet boards and others on Twitter are complaining.

Here is the message I received:

click for full size

That potentialities are you’ll perhaps file the message using the file icon at the head simply of the mobile app or net feature.

Listed below are some diversified complaints:

True watch out for these requests in most cases and certain, on Google Industry Profile messaging as properly.

Dialogue board discussion at Twitter and Google Industry Abet.