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Before You Visit a City, Read Its Subreddit

Each predominant American metropolis has an vigorous dialogue board on Reddit, as terminate many cities all around the sphere. And whenever you happen to intend to visit any of these cities, you could well well presumably be taught a range of tourism suggestion with out even asking, by digging through the archives.

The custom on every of these subreddits is kind of a lot of; some welcome questions enjoy “What’s a restaurant with a glimpse?” and some don’t. But on any of them, you’ll get present questions and solutions. Right here’s what to absorb a examine on every subreddit:

  • On the default glimpse, “sizzling,” you’ll stumble on what the metropolis’s been talking about, and customarily what the weather’s been enjoy, for the closing few days. You’ll also stumble on how vigorous the subreddit is: on very vigorous ones, all the sizzling posts will attain from the closing few hours, whereas less vigorous subs could well well need month-extinct posts on the front page. The more vigorous the subreddit, the faster you’ll get dangle of comments whenever you happen to post something new.
  • Aloof on the subreddit’s front page, click the “top” impress to stumble on the most widespread posts in a given time-frame. Below “all time” you’ll stumble on a range of pictures up top, then more vital files. Below “previous week” you’ll stumble on more native news. Leer around for widespread posts asking for tourist files. Since folks put a question to the same questions over and over in these subreddits, you could perhaps get the time that the most folk answered.
  • The unbiased sidebar normally links to particularly correct posts, particularly posts with customer suggestion. It also could well well link to outside sources and other subreddits for guests. Since all these subreddits are primarily for locals, the moderators must relief guests with out entering into the manner of native dialogue. Right here’s also where you’ll get submission principles, so continuously check the sidebar sooner than you build a brand new post.
  • While you happen to’re researching a tidy metropolis, there could well merely be a more divulge subreddit appropriate on your self-discipline. Google the metropolis title plus “subreddit,” and check the sidebars for more links. New York has /r/nyc, /r/AskNYC, /r/nycpics, /r/newyorkcity (a smaller different for locals), a sub for every borough (Bronx, Brooklyn, Ny, Staten Island, and Queens), subs for neighborhoods enjoy Astoria, a sub for biking and two for the subway, a historical previous sub, a food sub, and an opera sub. And we’re leaving some out. In state for you to post a brand new put a question to, launch with the minute subs and work your way up.
  • Check if the subreddit has a wiki. As an illustration, /r/AskNYC has an intensive wiki with travel files, rental looking out guides, restaurant and bar recs, historical previous links, and solutions to every normally asked put a question to. There are 12 links appropriate masking New York’s “hidden gems.”
  • While you happen to can’t get an reply to your put a question to after thoroughly looking out, and you know that you just’re in a subreddit that takes travel questions, then toddle ahead and build a brand new post—however put a question to some folks to bitch anyway. Some locals appropriate need to be pissed off.

Reddit also has subs for international locations and travel types, enjoy /r/irishtourism and /r/roadtrip. Add “Reddit” to your total travel search terms whenever you could perhaps hear some public realizing.