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8 best online reputation management tools for your brand

If your imprint has an on-line presence in any admire, you presumably can’t no longer difficulty about its reputation. Nowadays, on-line reputation management (or ORM for short) shouldn’t be any longer handiest appropriate to each and every commercial; ignoring it’s going to worth you clients and cash. Here’re perfect one of the essential essential reasons why ORM should be an integral section of your strategy:

  • Shoppers more and more depend on on-line learn when angry by a desire repeat. 88 percent of merchants learn products on-line outdated to making a desire repeat (on-line or in-retailer); and 86 percent will hesitate to desire from a commercial that has detrimental reports.
  • Leaving imprint reputation to likelihood can lead to a disaster. Monitoring your reputation and reacting promptly will relief you to lead certain of crises and entire-on mess ups, and pause detrimental news about your commercial from spreading.
  • Your imprint’s on-line reputation can have an effect on your put’s rankings. It’s reliable: Google uses an algorithmic solution designed to de-rank sites that offer unpleasant customer experience.
  • Monitoring your on-line reputation provides you with precious customer insights: what of us love about your product, what they want they would alternate, and what they basically feel is lacking.

Now that we’re certain on the advantages of ORM, let’s watch which instruments can relief you to facilitate and automate the strategy.

1.   Awario

Video display what of us are pronouncing about your imprint all the strategy in which through social media and the on-line, and position traits with Sentiment Prognosis and extremely efficient analytics.

Awario is a social listening instrument that makes reputation management easy. The platform will display screen your imprint’s mentions all the strategy in which throughout the fundamental social networks and the on-line in real-time and mean you presumably can acknowledge to them correct from the app.

To support you to position mentions that require your quick consideration, the instrument provides Sentiment Prognosis. The Sentiment graph in the dashboard reveals you the proportion of particular and detrimental mentions of your commercial, letting you locate spikes it be important to handle.

On top of that, the instrument helps you position copyright infringements and secure of us stealing your content. To get started, perfect compose an alert with an extract of your copy in quotes to compose the app analysis an exact match.

However the real vitality is in Awario’s competitor diagnosis capabilities. In case you compose monitoring indicators on your competition, you’ll be ready to eavesdrop on what their clients are chuffed or sad about, and be taught out of your opponents’ mistakes. Furthermore, you presumably can compare mentions of your imprint (in volume, sentiment, reach, and a series of diversified factors) to competitors’ and watch the build you’re winning and the build you’re lagging in the encourage of.

Pricing: Awario provides three plans: Starter for people ($29/mo), Pro for SMBs ($89/mo), and Enterprise for agencies and astronomical manufacturers ($299/mo). In case you lumber with an annual plan, you’ll get 2 months free of charge. To strive Awario outdated to you agree on a paid plan, join a free trial.

2.   Reputology

Video display and handle on-line reports of your native commercial in real-time.

Reputology helps native businesses display screen their on-line reports. As antagonistic to the customary analysis platforms delight in Google and Facebook Reviews, Reputology monitors commercial-explicit analysis sites, be it real estate, hospitality, or healthcare. Needless to remark, you presumably can furthermore acknowledge to these reports from the app.

Reputology works in particular nicely for multi-space businesses that are looking out for to withhold reports of each and every of their locations in one deliver: it helps you to drill down on why certain locations are no longer doing besides others, and measure your imprint’s total reputation all the strategy in which through locations.

The acceptable bit is, the instrument integrates with Hootsuite. The mixing helps you to video show and handle your reports in the same dashboard the build you protect your social media accounts – super at hand if SMM and analysis management are both performed by the same team on your organization.

Pricing: Reputology bills from $10 to $49/mo for every and every space. You might per chance join a free trial outdated to you agree on a plan.

three.   GoFish Digital Complaint Search

Search over forty criticism websites for detrimental reports of your commercial.

GoFish Digital’s Google-powered criticism search is a at hand method to ascertain on your imprint’s nicely being. It helps you to compose searches on over forty websites to examine if someone’s filed a criticism against your commercial (undergo in thoughts, these reports would perhaps doubtlessly launch up ranking in Google on your imprint determine!).

From there, you presumably can watch which reports are doubtlessly the most neatly-most neatly-liked, watch your imprint’s rankings, and acknowledge to complaints on most websites the platform monitors. On one of the essential essential sites, you’ll be ready to flag or desire away reports if they don’t get the truth.

Pricing: Free.

Four.   SEO SpyGlass

Video display your backlink profile and pause spammy, low-quality links from ruining your rankings.

SEO SpyGlass is diversified from the diversified instruments on this list. While it’s no longer namely designed to display screen a imprint’s total reputation, it helps you video show and handle the largest factor of your reputation when it comes to SEO: backlinks. With an entire new backlink index, recently launched in beta (the public release is going down any day now), the instrument claims to possess doubtlessly the most modern link index in the marketplace.

What’s in particular at hand isn’t the tips itself although – it’s the diagnosis the app is able to. It helps you to analyze the authority of each and every of your links (aka InLink Rank) and measure the Penalty Risk of your backlinks to pause possible search engine penalties (both algorithmic and manual).

On top of that, the instrument provides a Arena Comparability module that helps you to compare your link profile to competitors’ to examine which aspects of off-page SEO you’re rocking, and which ones it be important to work on to take up.

Pricing: Paid plans launch up at $124.seventy five per license. There’s a free version on hand with a restricted series of backlinks to analyze.


Proper-time social media monitoring with recordsdata-nicely off, customizable reports. is a instrument that helps you to win more particular reports from chuffed clients by automating multi-channel analysis acquisition campaigns by process of email or text messages. The instrument also monitors new reports about your commercial, with a method to acknowledge to them from the app.

For agencies, provides white-imprint reports that repeat traits in the amount of your reports and mean you presumably can measure the ROI of your ORM efforts.

Pricing: provides three plans: Professional ($ninety/mo), Agency ($200/mo), and Enterprise ($1500/mo). There’s a free trial on hand whilst you happen to’d are looking out for to take a look at the instrument outdated to you commit to a paid plan.

6.   Brandwatch

Have in-depth imprint reputation diagnosis and compose extremely efficient, recordsdata-nicely off reports.

Brandwatch is a extremely efficient social listening and analytics instrument. With Enterprise-level aspects delight in characterize recognition, trending subject matters and API get correct of entry to, it’s miles also one of the essential more expensive ones.

The instrument provides demographic diagnosis of the folk that’re speaking about your imprint, at the side of gender, pursuits, occupation, and space. The platform’s social media coverage entails Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and native social media sites delight in Sina Weibo, VK, and QQ.

For these of you who’re ready to make investments into a recordsdata visualization platform, Brandwatch has a at hand instrument known as Vizia. Vizia helps you to visualise your Brandwatch recordsdata and blend it with insights from Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, and Hootsuite for a holistic diagnosis.

Pricing: Brandwatch is an Enterprise-level instrument. Costs launch up at $800/month, with personalized Enterprise plans on hand on question. The instrument doesn’t offer a free trial.

7.   ReviewTrackers

Maintain display screen of on-line reports and abet chuffed clients to ascertain your commercial.

ReviewTrackers does exactly what the determine implies – it monitors on-line reports of your commercial all the strategy in which through 100+ sites. You might per chance position up email indicators to get notified about important reports, and build extremely efficient personalized reports tailored to your wants. On top of that, ReviewTrackers aggregates your clients’ suggestions and reveals which aspects of your commercial clients have a tendency to allege doubtlessly the most.

The platform also provides a mobile app to intend you presumably can display screen and acknowledge to reports on the lumber.

Pricing: ReviewTrackers’ Professional plan is equipped at $49/mo; Enterprise bills $fifty nine/mo. The instrument has an Agency plan too, with pricing on hand on question.

8.   IFTTT

Situation up automatic indicators when your imprint gets mentioned on-line.

IFTTT can relief you to with 1,000,000 things, and keeping display screen of your on-line reputation is one of them. The carrier helps you to compose straightforward, automatic tasks that every individual be conscious the “if this then that” sample. You get to make a name what this and that stand for.

For reputation management, the carrier provides a series of functional integrations. You might per chance display screen imprint mentions on Reddit, gain email indicators or Slack notifications when your organization gets mentioned on explicit websites, and automatically thank Twitter users for sharing your content.

The instrument is also on hand as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Pricing: Free.

Rob Fee

The 8 instruments above will relief you to desire charge of your imprint’s on-line reputation. Whichever platform you agree on, don’t query them to accomplish the total be just right for you: check on your monitoring dashboard to position uncommon spikes and acknowledge to reports (true or rank) promptly. And while coping with detrimental reports is an artwork of its get, undergo in thoughts that tempo and a miniature humility can lumber a lengthy method 🙂

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